Jack & Claire Schonhut

We’ve both been on this earth for a while now, and have been lucky enough to see quite a bit of it! Travelling has always been a big part of our lives. The spirit of adventure within us is incredibly strong. Growing up at opposite ends of the country, it was this urge to travel, that got us both interested in photography, and eventually brought us together.


Before we met, Jack was running a successful construction company with his father and brother. He has travelled the world on many occasions, on trips lasting from 3 to 9 months. Amongst many other things, he is an accomplished musician, artist, skier , and sailor.


Claire passed her degree in nursing, qualified as a midwife, and then pursued a career within the NHS.She then worked for a number of Blue Chip companies in medical research and development, and latterly in senior sales and marketing positions. Claire is also an accomplished musician, reached county level in athletics, and narrowly missed out on the England netball team. She has travelled the world on many occasions, both on business and for pleasure.


Our paths eventually crossed in the 1990’s, when we met in the mountains of Austria. Claire remembers Jack’s chat up line “stay with me and you’ll never be bored”. He was right! Life with Jack is never boring!


After a whirlwind romance, we were married 9 months later, and that is when our lives really began. Work commitments had constantly kept us apart, so we decided that things had to change. Now was the time to pursue our dream of being professional photographers. We've never looked back!


Working and being together is the most inspiring thing we have ever done. We bounce off each other, and come up with new ideas all of the time. This keeps life fresh and exciting - every day is a new adventure!


We approach every single job in a totally professional way, with 100% commitment to what we are doing. We always, always, work and live with a positive attitude. A positive environment, produces better results, and people are happier. We've been told that we inspire people, which is a bonus, and we always have lots of fun along the way.



What a strange name?


It is true, we have a strange surname!

Jack’s great grandfather was originally from Bavaria, and his name, Schönhut, literally means “beautiful hat”. In the UK, the name soon lost the umlaut, and is now pronounced very differently. Our name is often a topic of conversation, both in the UK and overseas. Whilst filming in Brazil, many years ago, we were fortunate to spend time with a large group of Giant Otters, and obtain some fabulous footage. Our dear Brazilian friend and guide, Mauricio, also a film-maker, nicknamed us the “schonotters”, and the name has remained ever since!


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