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Professional Car Photographers with our Mobile Studio

We are professional car photographers, a husband and wife team, who were brought up with what are now classic cars and motorcycles. Claire grew up with classic cars; her grandfather raced at Brooklands, and his name is on one of the trophies in the Brooklands Museum. Her father, in his 80's, still competes in the same car today.


Our obsession with photography has driven us in lots of directions, one of which is car photography and also motorbike photography.

The feelings people have for their cars, goes way beyond the hunk of metal it is made from. Cars have personality, beauty and soul. When we photograph a car, we capture it's shape and form, bringing out all of it's qualities, to create a stunning 3-dimensional image that is world class.


Using high end professional cameras and lighting, we bring our mobile studio to you, to create brochure quality images that will last a lifetime. Whether you want a photo of an individual car, or a full collection, please contact us to see what we can do for you.


Bugatti Type 13 Brescia

We recently photographed two Bugatti Type 13's using our mobile studio, and created a stunning hand crafted coffee table book for our clients.

Click here to see more images from the book.


MG Cream Cracker


1937 HRG

Our Mobile Studio


Here is an example of the kind of situation we find ourselves in. This MG Cream Cracker was on the ramps in a workshop, in preparation for being sold. In the shot on the left, the car looks a flat 2-dimensional image. Without moving the car or camera, we lit the car to bring out it's shape, and contours. The result, on the right, is a stunning 3-dimensional image, which bears little resemblance to the original shot.


Classic Car Photography

This is what we can achieve by bringing our studio to you.


Of the 2 images above, which car would you buy?

It has been proven that a photograph can alter the end sales value of a car.. A poor photo gets less attention, and lower sales value.

A stunning photo excites people, attracts more attention, more potential buyers, and therefore a higher price.

We are based in Derbyshire in the UK, and will travel anywhere in the world to get the shots that you want

For Commercial Car Photography, please contact us

We use high end Canon or Hasselblad cameras, and Profoto lighting equipment, regarded as the best in the business.


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