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As professional horse photographers, we aim to capture the very essence of any horse and rider that we photograph. With decades of experience, we capture all styles of equine photography, from action shots of you galloping on the beach, or jumping over fences, to studio horse photography, where we bring our high end studio lighting and equipment to you.

Each style of horse photography brings its own challenge. To photograph horses in action, reqiuires speed, quick reaction time and fast focusing.

To do this, we use the best action camera in the world, a Canon 1DX, taking up to 14 photographs every second, and long lenses which create a more dynamiic and dramatic look to the image.

As studio horse photographers, there are different challenges, as you want the horse to pose in a particular place and position, and generally the horse hardly ever stands still. In these situations we work closely as a team, moving the lights around to just the right position and taking the photograph before the horse moves again.

Whatever you want from a photo shoot with your horse, we will work with you to create the kind of images that you want to capture the movement, personality, and beauty of your horse.


Studio Horse Photography

Showing the special relationship between horse and rider

Horse Photo Shoots

Wherever we go, whatever the standard of rider or horse, everyone loves our horse photo shoots.

All our photo shoots are designed around you. Whether you are an individual, or a group of friends, we make sure you get what you want.

We use the very best professional equipment, to capture beautiful portraits at your stables, to action shots on a show jumping or cross country course.

The results from the photo shoot can be turned into large fine art prints, a coffee table book, or a range of other high quality products.

We are based in Derbyshire, but travel anywhere in the UK or abroad.


Prices from 95

With a background in Wildlife Photography, we are used to very fast action photography. Using the best cameras and lenses, we will capture world class images of you and your horse.


For many thousands of years, man has tried to capture the essence of the horse in the form of art. That challenge still applies today, but since the invention of the camera, we also have the photograph. Done well, photography is also a form of art. Jack is an artist as well as a professional photographer, and enjoys the challenge of both.

Each medium requires the artist/photographer to understand the subject in order to get the best results. Claire & Jack are both riders, and have spent a lot of time with horses. Understanding how a horse thinks and acts, is important to get the best results.

In our photo sessions, we aim to capture the spirit of your horse, and the special relationship between horse and rider.

The Artist
Inspired by artists like Turner

Beach photo shoot with your horse


Photo shoot on the beach at Fairbourne, North Wales


Horse Photography on the Beach

We are offering you the chance to ride down the beach, and be photographed at this beautiful location in North Wales. Working with a riding school near Fairbourne, we can arrange accommodation for you and your horse, or if you prefer, you can use their horses. The stables also have an indoor facility for our studio horse photography.

In addition to riding on the beach, you can ride in the mountain region of Cader Idris. Both the beach and the mountains are within riding distance of the stables.

For people who love the outdoors, this is a stunning place, with lots of things to do in the immediate area - hiking in the mountains, cycle trails, nature walks, miniature steam railway, and much more.

Get together a group of friends or family, and we will organise everything for you.


Contact us for more details.


A beautiful image capturing the freedom of horse and rider on the beach


Galloping along the beach

Dubai International Arabian Horse Championships


Arab Horses, Dubai


A beautiful arab horse

We were invited to go to the Arabian Horse Championships in Dubai, where we photographed the best Arab horses in the world. The one on the left was the overall winner, and was valued at over 10 million dollars!.


To get the best photographs of a horse, it needs to feel comfortable with its' surroundings.We spend time before any photo shoot getting to know your horse, by letting it smell, touch and see the equipment, and us.

We then take a few photos, to let it hear the shutter of the camera. If we intend to use studio lighting, we also get the horse used to the sound of the flash. Horses see light in a different way to us, and are never bothered about the flash light itself. They are more curious about the noise it makes, but soon get used to it.

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us for a quotation


Horses are rather inquisitive, and like checking out our cameras

We are based in Derbyshire in the UK, and will travel anywhere in the world to create the photographs that you want

We use high end Canon or Hasselblad cameras, and Profoto lighting equipment, regarded as the best in the business.

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